Thursday, October 1, 2009

Oh what to do...

Okay, so, I have a problem.

As you've probably noticed, my interest in plants has waned somewhat. I still love them, still care for them, but picture taking and posting about them seems to have fallen by the wayside.

My interests, they hath moved on.

So what next? Well, I've kind of become addicted to nail polish. Well, not just nail polish, actually. Specifically, I've become addicted to somewhat unusual colors of nail polish and to stamping images on my nails using konad plates and stamps. (For more info on konad, go here).

I've been having fun with different nail polish looks since early spring and have dozens of photos of different manicures that I'm proud of. And I have a blog set up that I don't use. So rather than forcing myself to stick to the topic of plant care, I'm going to go easy on myself and allow the use of this blog to branch into whatever I feel like writing about. For now, that's going to be nail polish. Lord knows what interest will strike me next.

With that in mind, I would like to show off my favorite manicure that I've done. This isn't proving to be easy. I'm looking through all of my photos and there are so many that I love that choosing just one is nearly impossible. But in the interest of posting a teaser so that you'll come back and read future posts, here's the one I'm going to settle on for now (click to view larger image):

China Glaze,Cords,Konad,Black,Special Polish,M63

That's China Glaze Cords with konad special polish over it, using konad plate M63 (one of my favorites).

I find this image to be pretty forgiving. If the alignment is a little crooked, it's unlikely to be noticeably so. This isn't the case with many other full-nail images, which is probably why I like this one so much. I have serious alignment issues!

That's all for today... stay tuned for future manicured fun.

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