Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Kitties like gardening, too

Oliver made an escape onto the balcony this morning while I was putting the tomato plants outside (I'm in the process of hardening them off). I picked him up and carried him around the balcony, and showed him all the little plants I'm growing and all the little buggies. He snuggled up into my chest and listened intently to every explanation. I think he really loved it... maybe a little too much, in fact. When I opened the screen door to go back inside he stuck his claws in it so I couldn't get it open without dislodging him first. Then he hooked his claws into my shirt so that I couldn't put him down. He wanted to stay outside!

Can't say I blame him... I rather felt the same way having to come to work today. ;0)

Here's a picture of Oliver that I took in April of 2008. He's quite a bit bigger now. But this is his typical behavior whenever I'm out on the balcony. He's saying, "Please momma! Let me come play too!"
Oliver 4-3-08


Kristi W. said...

Awww that's so cute.

Jordana said...

Yeah, he regularly breaks my heart with his adorableness. It's how he gets me to forgive him for the times when he's a pain in my ass.

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