Wednesday, April 15, 2009

AUGH so mad at myself!

Tom gave me some tomato seeds. Not just any tomato seeds - these seeds are from tomatoes that his family has been growing for many, many years. One of his ancestors brought seeds with him from Italy when he came to the U.S., and his family has been saving seeds every fall and growing tomatoes every summer using the "children" of those original seeds.

So I got seeds from Tom and reserved some space in Whitney's yard for tomatoes (Whitney's yard is kind of a communal garden... but I'm the only one of her friends who gets excited about growing anything!).

I started the seeds inside under the African Violets' grow lights a month or so ago. And wouldn't you know it, I wound up with 25 seedlings in a little 4" pot.

Kevin suggested hardening them off BEFORE transplanting them into other pots. Makes total sense, right? Much easier to bring one pot outside and inside over multiple days than to have to do that with a ton of little pots.

I got home yesterday at around 5-ish and the sun was out, so I put the seedlings outside for a little bit.

And about an hour ago, realized that I never took them back inside.

How much do you want to bet that I'm going to go home to find a bunch of cold, sad, shriveled tomato seedlings on my balcony?

I'm so sad and mad at myself! I'm sure Tom has extra seedlings, so I can still try my hand at growing the tomatoes, but I wanted to grow them myself from seed so badly!

In slightly better news, my little baby cherry tree that I started from seed in mid-summer of 2007 survived its first winter outside. It's still teeny weeny and adorable, but it's covered in spring leaves!

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