Monday, February 23, 2009

One more update...

I mentioned in yesterday's African Violet Update an AV that is growing in hydroton in my office. It's actually not one but three plants in one pot. Two of them are LLG Sea Drift, and the third is an unnamed variety.

I first put them in together in July of 2008. Here what they looked like when I first combined them (the smallest of the four wound up dying):

They did really well in the hydroton. Here they are four months later, in November of 2008:

And here's a couple pictures of them I just took a moment ago, three months after the last picture:

Here's a view from above, so you can see the three separate crowns:

Conclusion: Damn, African Violets sure do like growing in hydroton! Look at the size of those bad boys compared to the ones I have at home growing in soil!

None of them have bloomed yet, but I'm looking forward to seeing the blooms on Sea Drift. According to the LLG website, the "superb, vivid blue semidouble stars are irresistible," with "shimmering white edges." Who can deny a sales pitch like that?

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