Saturday, October 3, 2009

Konad images and nail length

My first question when I wanted to start using konad image plates was whether my nails were too short for them to work.

In a word, no way. No way in heck.

Here is one of my first konad attempts (click for larger image... in fact, you can't really see this one unless you view it larger):

cover girl,midnight magic,china glaze,awaken,konad,m64
Cover Girl Midnight Magic, China Glaze Awaken, Plate M64

As you can see, my nails were pretty short back then. That works out fine, though; the full nail image plates are made for rather short nails. In fact, if I'm not careful about keeping my nails filed down, I'll wind up with gaps at the cuticle where there is no image.

Observe (click for larger image):

Zoya,Harley,Color Club,Revvvolution,M72
Zoya Harley, Color Club Revvvolution, konad plate M72

These nails are just on the verge of being too long to easily use a full nail image, and in my mind, those aren't very long nails.

Some people prefer to have nails that are longer than that, and will "double stamp" the image so the whole nail is covered. Sometimes it works, but sometimes the border between the two stamps will overlap or have a gap. It's definitely an alignment challenge. Since I prefer to have my nails shorter anyway, it's a non-issue for me. If longer nails are your thing and you want to see some examples of double-stamping, check out The Nailphile. For examples of images on shorter nails than mine, check out Sasse's Stamping Stampede.

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