Monday, April 20, 2009

First bloom on the hydroton African Violet

One of the three African Violets that I have in my office growing in hydroton under a plant light has a bloom. All of them are getting kind of ridiculously huge, actually. I've been asked to move, and the new office gets a lot more natural light. I'm thinking I might have to separate out these bad boys into three separate pots. They've done far better than I ever thought they would.

I decided to propagate the one that's currently blooming, since it's so pretty and I don't have one at home of that variety. I stuck a leaf in some hydroton in a tiny plastic fishbowl (available incredibly cheap online - I think I bought 12 for $6 a few years ago) and it rooted almost immediately. Just goes to show that hydroton seriously does the trick for houseplants. Big thanks to the lady who writes - without that site I doubt I'd ever have bothered trying it. (Incidentally, all my succulents seriously love hydroton, too.)

Huh. Now that I'm looking at these photos I'm unsure about whether I want to separate the plants into separate pots or not. I kind of like how they look all crammed together like they are now!

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